Culture Crave satisfies the craving that exists in America's diet. Providing delicacies from around the globe, we add a variety to the fast-food environment by shipping all the ingredients of your favorite foreign foods. This convenience is coupled with authentic quality--our ingredients are fresh and hand-picked by the best chefs any culture can offer. Not only do we provide an escape from the drudgery of everyday food, but we also give freedom from everyday experience. Through our food-vacation experience, any adventured spirit can cure its craving for something more by actually going to these faraway places and experience their culture. We allow you to taste and see another world.

meet the team

Lindsey Hickok - Perry


Cindy Cao

Marketing Executive

Madison Tidwell

Office Manager

Logan Johnson

Sales Executive

Anna Grace Swift

VP of Marketing

Abigail Kidd

Assistant Marketing Executive

Cayden Hughes

VP of Accounting

Katelyn Cozart

VP of Human Resources

Allie Kate Kidd


Jett Wisdom


Maddison Heatherly

VP of Sales/Purchasing

Abbiney Story

Benefits Manager

for educational purposes O N L Y
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